Foundation Club Membership

The Foundation thrives on providing support to students and ag programs of Tulare County. With your support as a Foundation Club Member we will continue to provide support for youth through our grants, scholarships, livestock/ag mechanics support, ag days, ag trade school programs, and local FFA chapters and 4-H clubs.

As a Foundation Club Member we are asking for your support of $10,000 annually for three years.

Your commitment and generosity will allow the Foundation to continue tosupport our efforts and provide support to agriculture education programs andthe youth of Tulare County.

Thank you to Our Current Members

Member Benefits


Foundation Club Member Banner displayed at each event the Foundation hosts. The banner will include your company logo.


Company Logo and Link on the website

Social Media recognitions provided throughout the year on the Foundation’s Social Media platforms
One Foundation Club Member Highlight in the Foundation quarterly newsletter

Table of 8 at the Foundation’s annual Spring Fundraiser Dinner (By RSVP only)

The Foundation Board of Directors invites you to share our mission in educating youth about agriculture by partnering with us to be an exclusive Foundation Club Member. Please visit our website at to learn more about our Foundation.

Thank You for supporting the Tulare County Foundation for Ag Education and Youth and committing to become a Foundation Club Member. You will receive an invoice from the Foundation in the amount of $10,000 over the next three years.